Secure Your Content Without Sacrificing Quality

Looking for ways to secure your content without sacrificing quality? Today’s readers are going digital, and they want to consume the majority of their content online rather than in print or on paper. Major industries have to catch up and join the digital age if they have any hope of staying with the times – and that includes the magazine media industry.

As readers turn more and more to their devices, magazine publishers are opting into trends like paid secure digital content to get seen. This ensures that they get the money they deserve for their valuable information.

One avenue to make that happen: paywalls.

The Power of Paywalls

In a recent Media Post article, Sara Guaglione explores the topic of paywalls and discusses the progression and possible trajectory of this new trend. Overall, more and more publishers are recognizing their value and activating paywalls for their digital content – including large-scale businesses like Condé Nast, a company that owns many popular titles, including The New Yorker and Vanity Fair.  

So, what are the pros and cons?

Some publishers are hesitant to create paywalls for their digital content. They fear that this could turn away casual readers that do not want to pay. However, Guaglione summarily refutes this theory, explaining that the, “[The New Yorker’s] paywall […] has not negatively affected online traffic. [In fact ] The New Yorker’s digital audience last month was up 12% from December 2015.”

And The New Yorker is not alone in its success. This not only debunks the “lost customers” myth but also shows that activating paywalls can be a powerful customer acquisition tool. Proving to help publications keep their existing customers and drawing in a new audience. Therefore, reminding people that published content is valuable and worth paying for.

However, this doesn’t address the whole picture, and other major concerns like content quality and security. See, the reality is that moving to digital can be tricky. Many publishers wind up facing immense hurdles and customer experience concerns as they try to incorporate paywalls on their own. Some common issues: their end users have to download apps, their content can be grainy, and they can have trouble securing their content.

That’s where a service like eMagazines can help.

eMagazines: A Seamless Digital Experience

eMagazines specializes in streamlining and optimizing the digital content experience after the paywall is installed.

eMagazines offers beautiful, flawless digital editions that: have a seamless access process – no new app or download required, are easy-to-use, and allow for the best reading experience possible – which, in turn, allows publishers to offer their high-value content right from their own website without sacrificing income or quality.

So is it really worth it?

In short – yes. Paywalls are an important forward-thinking tactic. Paywalls ensure that publishers are getting paid what they deserve for their media creations. Therefore, they can’t be truly effective on their own because they simply don’t help with the customer experience and customer satisfaction. And this component is absolutely crucial. A customer will be less likely to continue to pay for content if they are not pleased with their experience.

By combating this and increasing customer satisfaction, a tool like eMagazines helps justify the paywall while also promoting it. How? Well, those who do not have access beyond their few free articles each month will start to wonder if they are missing out on some of the best content being offered.

This year, as society delves deeper and deeper into the technology world – and as technology develops more of our lives – publishers can make sure they are positioned right where they need to be to not only create high-value, relevant content but also to offer it in a format that is what their customers are looking for.

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